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Our team is comprised of young, determined men and women who are deeply committed to social work as a way of contributing to society’s betterment and making lives worth living for the vulnerable group in society.

Our team members have experienced life-threatening situations similar to that which is being experienced by our targeted beneficiaries. As former refugees from Liberia, the situations of bloody civil conflict and the harsh refugee life which engulfed the founding members were in fact the driving force that led to the formation of this organization. They are:

Lawrence Saah Varnie

Lawrence hails from Liberia and arrived in Ghana in the heat of the civil crisis unaccompanied. As a refugee, he fought tooth and nail to acquire some level of appreciable education during his exile life.

His bitter experience encouraged him to establish this organization with the support of his colleagues as a way of advocating and seeking support to address basic challenges confronting refugees and other vulnerable children’s plight.

As a social worker committed to children welfare, he has realized that, early childhood is the best time for exploring everything in children’s growth. A period when they can learn social, emotional, cognitive and to develop problem solving skills. He adores children and is constantly inspired by their survival and development regardless of tribe, religious background etc. READ MORE...

Founder and Director

Joseph Clarke

Joseph also hails from Liberia and has had his exile life in Ghana. He has been dedicated to Christian education with a quest for a pastoral profession. He is willing, ready to serve on any humanitarian service directed to improving lives from the vulnerable.
Mr. Clarke recognizes that, humanitarian service holds no boundary on tribe, religion, ethnicity or race. He is result-oriented and passionate about life changing opportunities..

Programs Officer

Freda Akua Ntow

Freda is a young Ghanaian entrepreneur woman with deep passion for humanitarian service particularly children’s welfare.
She is constantly inspired for greater commitment when her efforts are seen to be having positive impact on the targeted beneficiaries. Her work as a public servant and also with charitable agencies over the years is very good reason for her unchangeable determination for greater service.
Her long standing part time service to CHRAD has been vital to its survival and slow growth.
As a holder of a Bachelor of Administration degree with specialty in Human Resources Management, she is currently serving as the Administrator of CHRAD.


Akuim T. Gbalay

Akuim also hails from Liberia and under similar circumstance with Lawrence and Joseph. Following several failed attempts for life improvement in various areas, he soon discovered that, he has a calling on religions service.
Currently under training to deepen his service on Christian-based faith activities, Akuim is opened to all

Volunteer Coodinator