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We work with social groups & individuals who truly share our philosophy and are excited to support our projects. By leveraging the power of our network through our programs we are hoping to make a huge difference in the world of giving and sharing across borders.

Please donate to our programs. Giving willingly often plays crucial role in combating extreme poverty and helping brilliant but needy children obtain full measure of happiness in pursuit of their individual aspirations. For instance, helping to provide medical care to fight diseases will mean that children are able to remain in school, and also enable parents to continue to work to support them. Donating can help provide the resources that are essential for a better standard of living in communities in which they are implemented.

At CHRAD, we believe that, every day presents us with unique opportunities to save the lives of vulnerable children in our society. Each of us, well-wishers, has the power that can make decisions of significant moral importance to not only save lives but to make huge difference for progress in the lives of vulnerable children right now.

Many children in our part of society either go to school on empty stomach or go to bed with the same condition or both on a daily basis. You could imagine having firsthand experience of such circumstance to know how parents are confronted with unavoidable challenges daily.

Comparably, the costs of meeting basic children’s right such health, sanitation, education, shelter, moral support etc. in our part of the world today are often far less than the costs for those same services and supplies in the developed world. As a result, even smaller donations have the potential to greatly improve individual school children’s quality of life.

At CHRAD, being a growing organization, we have made it a policy to use 80% of all donations received towards implementation of our intended project. The 20% will cover administrative or running cost. We also involve indigenous members of the community and representatives of the donor agency in the implementation of projects.


Pursuant to our core area of services and our burning desire to expand such services to as many communities as possible in Sub-Saharan Africa, we would appreciate donations in variety of ways in fulfillment of our objectives such as:

Materials such as used or new clothes, Teaching and Learning Materials are very much welcome. Our certification with the Department Social Welfare will ease clearing of the donation from the port of entry into Ghana.

For further information, please contact the Director on the following contacts below:

Address :  The Director

Cradle of Hope for Relief and Development

P.  O. Box NB 754, Nii Boiman,

Accra – Ghana.

Tel: +233 243 143 568 / +233 262 143 568 /+233 270 143 568

E-mail: info@chrad.org   or accounts@chrad.org

Be it private or corporate, sponsored activities or holding a special event, we can offer useful resources and advice on making your fundraising activity a resounding success on our behalf.

Legacy gifts are vitally important in enabling us to continue our work. Giving this way will create a live time sustainability of the project.

You can donate cash generally or towards a specific project through the following ways:

Bank: Ecobank Ghana Limited
Branch: Kasoa Branch
Account Name : Cradle of Hope for Relief and Development
Account Number: 0573 0244 6151 3101

b) In Person or through Mobile Money Transfer (MTN, Airtel and Tigo)
MTN: 0243 143 568
Airtel: 0262 143 568
TiGO: 0270 143 568