Upon visit of the delegation of TRRR to the Buduburam in 2013, and upon direct interactions with the former refugees and some community leaders, TRRR saw the need to establish a scholarship program to be managed by the Leadership of Cradle of Hope for Relief and Development.

Presently, 20 vulnerable school children from various schools within the refugee community are benefiting from the initiative. Selection of these children was critically analyzed along with the various schools to certify the criteria of academic performance and evidently need base.

Despite huge demand to expand the initiative so as to cover many as 500 and more vulnerable children, the initiative presently caters to the 20 beneficiaries with tuition fees only.

Quite aside from the scholarship initiatives, the delegation donated cash and some teaching and learning aid to the community through CHRAD.

The Transatlantic Roundtable on Religion and Race (TRRR) is a community of discourse, focusing on religious responses to issues of race (and similarly functioning ethnic or cultural markers of social otherness) within contemporary western cultures.

At the heart of the TRRR initiative is a concern that a current obstacle to addressing persistent racial problems in a number of western contexts is that “race” is increasingly dismissed as a category of explanation for social problems—even where blacks find themselves disproportionately enduring adverse social dynamics and conditions.

RRR wants to ensure that where race is an accurate and useful explanation for social problems and potential solutions that it receives appropriate attention.

Though TRRR’s approach is scholarly, its commitment is to advancing informed and progressive approaches to persistent racial problems in dialogue and collaboration with broad publics (including faith-based, civil society, and governmental leaders).

Cradle of Hope for Relief and Development have been identified and partnered to channel educational support to vulnerable children in the Buduburam community, Ghana.

We are grateful for the gesture of TRRR and for the partnership while calling on well wishers and donor community to support us in order to be able to expand our services of address pertinent educational challenges to the vulnerable children in society.