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The Significance of Second Thought in Decision Making

Article written by: Lawrence Saah Varnie Director –CHRAD

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Topic: “The Significance of Second Thought in Decision Making”

As long as we live as human beings, our lives will always be a statement and after death, a story so as the saying goes. The way people lives their lives will tell how interesting the story will be in the end. A life that portraits legacy is a life worth celebrating, because, it embraces Wisdom, Maturity, Will Power, Careful (Strategic) Planning, Prudent use of Resources and appropriate use of thoughts to translate vision of purpose into reality.

Having noted this conventional wisdom about life, then it only makes sense for us to learn to know that, translating this vision into reality demands that use our “second thought” in making quality decision for one’s life and perhaps the lives of others…. Second thought is a process of carefully analyzing a cause of action on the basis of pros and cons and weakness and strengths while projecting possible outcome before taking action. Without a second thought, one will do something without first considering whether or not one should have done it in the first place.

In our social, moral and professional lives, we are always faced with challenges that required us to take deliberate and well-planned decision to confront them. Without second thought, we would be driven by desperate moods to act on impulse.

The outcomes from such actions and reaction are most often not favourable and make us regret it why we took such actions. Most people are hurt so badly that they lose ideas as to how to recover from the failed step taken. More seriously, they turn to see the situation as normal in life and even exacerbate the challenge because time is required to verify this before working on the main problem of helping the victim to rediscover their true value and potential.

Sometimes, these challenges go beyond the individual’s comprehension as they affect the position they occupy in their work places and or in society. The danger is that their decision is what drives the home, department, community, society and so on.

Many big nations and individuals have suffered from poor decisions made. If we are to grow profoundly healthy and develop as a nation and as a people, then it stands to reason for us to learn from the mistakes of others and from our own past experiences. We do so passionately believing that, we would at one time account for our decisions and doings be it good or bad. Everyone has a right to make decisions on how they want to live their lives; unfortunately, no individual has a right to escape from the consequences of the very decisions made in the past. We owe ourselves a duty to do nothing less than our very best so as to make life meaningful and worth living and thereby controlling our destiny. To stay in control of one’s destiny, you need to align yourself with the experienced ones and be very critical in decision making. It will help you cherish your connections with fellow men and better your relationship with friends and family…

To do so, you need to take stock of your very life and situation at this very moment as you read or listen to me while urging you to be very honest to yourself. If you say yes or no, it will tell whether you will move forward or backwards knowing that, refusing to decide is also a decision. The question is “do you see the need and are you really prepared to use your second thought in decision making today?” to answer yes of no, you need to consider the following:

  1. There is no action without first thinking about it. Be it small or big, all our actions start from the mind
  2. Our belief system has power to influence our decisions because our thinking is the manifestation of what we believe consciously that we deserve and what’s possible for us.
  3. That the people in our society will hold us accountable for all our actions, especially when we are occupying positions that directly affect their lives.
  4.  That how we see situation at a glance could necessarily not be the best way forward. It might require seeking and respecting view of liked-minded persons.
  5. That all decisions require sacrifice to project it into reality. Nothing good comes easily; for if it was easy everybody will love to do it; thus in French, it is said “Il ya rien du plus facile” that is, nothing is too easy.
  6. What separate ordinary men from extra-ordinary ones is not the natural appearance that God created (flesh, eyes, ears etc), but the quality of decisions and actions that produce profound results for the benefit of generations …..
  7. All human beings are potential assets to themselves and society and that all have talent and cognitive support to think wisely. Knowing this is a test, using it is a choice.

Whatever your answer may be, it is extremely necessary for all of us in order for us to make quality decisions for ourselves and the adjoining relation and society. By seeing the bigger picture and being completely candid with yourself about our current situation, our desires, thoughts and reasons for wanting or not wanting this, we would be able to use our second thought to make decisions based on reality rather than fantasy. Repeating the mistakes of others will obviously compound the complexity of our challenges that we are faced with right now.

The only way out is to do things differently that we would probably see different results. In this era of accelerating change, overwhelming complexity and tremendous competitions around us, we can be in control of our destiny if we decide to expand our horizon, skills, network, vision of ourselves and take proactive decisions and actions through second thought. If they knew better, they would have done it better. Now that we are learning especially from their mistakes, we need to learn it better to give us tremendous opportunity to do it the best way possible… Thank you.